8th Annual International Juried Plastic Camera Show




Selected works by:
Thomas Alleman, Lilyan Aloma, Ben Altman, Alison Amick, M. Apparition, Jennifer Bacon, Dina Beigelman, Doug Birnbaum, Christa Blackwood, Richard Bonvissuto, John Bridges, Laura Brodax, Maggie Corwin, David Cory, Chris Cranford, David Cuetter, Carol Dass, Petra Davis, Dana Day, Adrienne Defendi, Barbara Dombach, Diane Durant, Jill Ensley, Diane Fenster, Don Feria, Mark Fisher, Brittonie Fletcher, Heather Frandsen, David Gardner, Dave Getzschman, Paula Rae Gibson, Brian Gliniak, J.M. Golding, Nancy Goodrich, Daniel Grant, Matthew Hanson, Tonee Harbert, L. Herrada-Rios, Robert Holmgren, Karen Janas, Randy Jennings, Priscilla Kanady, Marky Kauffmann, Ellie Kingsbury, Rocky Kneten, Nathan Koch, Ian Kramar, Jacqulyn Laffitte, Susan Lapides, Patty Lemke, Phoebe Lickwar, Lisa Lindamood, Eric Lindbloom, Janis Crystal Lipzin, Ernie Luppi, Erin Mahoney, James Malsich, Marco Marassi, Anette Marweld, Aleksandra Miesak, Reena Nemirovsky, Ron Orlando, Eben Ostby, Cynthia Pastore, Ludovico Poggioli, Vicki Reed, Deon Reynolds, Guy Reynolds, Jim Rohan, Danny Sanchez, Robert Schneider, Cromwell Schubarth, BK Skaggs, Yon Sim, Antonia Small, Jon Soliday, Arlene Stanger, Michael Starkman, Cody Swanson, Yuri Syuganov, Steven Taddei, Jonathan Trundle, Jacqueline Walters, Laura Alice Watt, Jan Watten, Allison Webber, Ed Wheeler, Jessica Wildman, Jonas Yip, Christine Zona

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Hurricane Story by Jennifer Shaw
ISBN: 978-0-9844576-3-2
$18 US/ 6.75″ x 6.75″
BROKEN LEVEE BOOKS, An imprint of Chin Music Press

Hurricane Story is a spellbinding odyssey of exile, birth and return told in forty-six photographs and simple, understated prose. This first-person narrative told through dreamlike images of toys and dolls chronicles one couple's evacuation from New Orleans ahead of the broken levees, the birth of their first child on the day that Katrina made landfall, and their eventual return to the city as a family. Shaw's photographs, at turns humorous and haunting, contrast deftly with the prose.

This clothbound hardcover edition includes an introduction by Rob Walker, author of Letters From New Orleans and former "Consumed" columnist for The New York Times Magazine.