7th Annual International Juried Plastic Camera Show

Jim Rohan

MARCH 5 - APRIL 29, 2014

MARCH 5, 6-8PM


The juried competition was open to international artists working with plastic cameras with plastic lenses.  The more obsolete, flawed, and lo-tech, the better. Images were taken with cameras with limited controls, such as Diana, Holga, Lubitel, Lomo, Banner, and Ansco cameras. Beautiful prints from less-than- gorgeous cameras – that’s what will be on display! This is RayKo’s largest exhibition of the year with artists from all over the globe submitting work, and hundreds of attendees at the reception.  

Mark Fisher

Petra Davis

Saroyan Humphrey

And this year's show is amazingly diverse!  We won’t just have pictures from the usual suspects, stars of previous years like Thomas Alleman, Michelle Bates, Robert Holmgren and Aline Smithson. It also won’t just have sublime landscapes, fiery trees, unique Polaroids, heartbreaking portraits, funny dogs, sexy horses, crazy cross-processing, flares of wild color, precious 2 ¼ inch square collodion plates and one taxidermied giant anteater. The exhibition will have stunning photographs from Australia, Canada, England, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Iran, Japan, Mexico, The Netherlands, Poland, Russia, Scotland, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, and, oh, from many of these United States of ours, all the way from Maine to California, and Alaska AND Hawaii too! Phew! And just when you thought film might be dead. Well apparently not, so rejoice and come down to RayKo!

Tara Renee Ratliff (The Woodlands, TX), Melancholia
Best of Show

Best of Show:
Tara Renee Ratliff

Honorable Mentions:  
Andrea Buzzichelli
Robert Holmgren
Eben Ostby
Francisco Mata Rosas
Raina Stinson

Participating Artists

Danielle Abbon, Mar Brisa Aceves, Joe Addison, Thomas Alleman, Blake Andrews, Zeb Andrews, Sharon Asplan, Robert Atwater, Jennifer Bacon, Taina Bagmeyer, Bill Baldewicz, Michelle Bates, Lori Bell, Roy Berkowitz, Christa Blackwood, Giselle Brewton, John Bridges, Laura Brodax, Ernie Button, Andrea Buzzichelli, Anna Calingaert, Matthew  Cetta, Deana Collins, David Cory, Austin Craver, Carol Dass, Petra Davis, Mark Dawson, Adrienne Defendi, Nadine Defranoux, Carola DiPoi, Emma Dobbs, Barbara Dombach, Vince Donovan, Dopamine Collective,  Andy Fish, Mark Fisher, Linda Fitch, Dirk Fletcher, DeAnna Foran, Susanna Frohman, Millie Fuller, Bradley Fulton, Susan Gaunt, Bob Gervais, Dave Getzchman, Jill Gewirtz, Patricia Gilbertson, JM Golding, Elisa Gonzalez Miralles, Gretchen Grace, Daniel Grant, Sam Grant, Tonee Harbert, Jeanne Hauser, Dennis Hodges, Robert Holmgren, Saroyan Humphreys, Lauren Jacques, David Janesko, Kim Jiye, Alexa Joslyn, Priscilla Kanady, Reza Khatir, Gianna King, Janos Kummer, Wendy Laurel, Jessica Layton, Janis Lipzin, Susan Lirakis, Neha Luhar-Trice, Erin Malone, Ryan Mastro, Francisco Mata, Cynthia Matthias, Julia Nelson-Gal, Holly Northrop, Emma Norton, Eben Ostby, Anna Laura Palma, Kevin Parent, Cynthia Pastore, Erik Patten, Kari Pfeffer, Betty Press, Tara Ratliff, Vicki Reed, Suzanne Revy, Deon Reynolds, Guy Reynolds, Angelika Rinnhofer, Michael Roche, James Rohan, Danny Sanchez, Ron Saunders, Robert Schneider, Cromwell Schubarth, Catherine Schultz, Jennifer Shaw, John Sheets, Kyriaki Sigala, Brian Skaggs, Margarita Skiadas, Aline Smithson, Rodrigo Sombra, Michael Starkman, Lisa Steichmann, Gordon Stettinius, KD Stevens, Raina Stinson, Cody Swanson, Yuri Syuganov, Steven Taddei, Amy  Temple, Stacie Turner, Ian Tuttle, Katie Dela Vaughn, Roger Walker, Jacqueline Walters, Peter Wiklund, Rogier Willems, Claudia Wornum, Robert Wyrwas, Manami Yamamoto, Jonas Yip, Stuart Zalka, and Christine Zona